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May 16th Logistics and Customer Responsibilities



There will be one more pre-order only pickup before the regular market season starts. You must preorder online by 10:00 pm Thursday May 14th. Pickup will be on Saturday May 16th. There will be only two vendors:  


Pick-up Logistics 

Pick-up will be at the Community Center (6401 Forest Rd) on Saturday, May 16th. If your last name starts with A-K we ask that you come between 9 -10:15 am and if your last name starts with L-Z please come between 10:15-11:30 am.


Traffic/Customer Flow 

(managed by market board and volunteers)

Upon turning off of Forest Road, customers will be instructed to:

  • Take the first left turn and drive down to track/baseball field;

  • Circle around the parking lot at the field and form an orderly queue;

  • Travel back up the drive stopping at the turn-in to the community center parking lot;

  • Market staff will then direct no more than 10 cars at a time to turn into the lot, parking their cars at the parallel spots directly in front of the community center;

  • Once parked in one of the 10 spots in front of the community center, customers will be allowed to exit their car and get in line to pick up their orders.

  • As one car leaves, the next car will be allowed to pull in and park.



Customers who travel by foot or bike will be asked to maintain an appropriate social distance in the median in front of the community center and will be directed into line at the judgment of the market board members monitoring the size of the line. Customers who drive will be given priority over those who walk.



Please be aware that there may be a long wait.



Expectations for Customers 

  • Customers should not attend if they are sick or experiencing fever, body aches, nausea, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath or may have been exposed to individuals with these symptoms.

  • Customers must drive to the pick-up and not exit their cars until they are asked to do so by market staff

  • Customers will be primarily waiting in their cars.

  • Customers should travel either by themselves or with one immediate member of their household.

  • When it is your turn to exit your car to pick-up your order, customers should

    • Wear a face covering (mask, scarf, etc) as now required by PG County

    • Observe social distancing at all times

Ordering from Meatcrafters

  • For the 5/16 delivery, you will be ordering via email at You *cannot* use the online ordering system on their website for this delivery.

  • Payment will be accepted by credit card at the pick-up.

  • Menu & Prices 

-Rosemary Lamb - $12
-Mediterranean Lamb -$12
-Lamb Merguez - $12
-Beef Merguez - $12
-MC Bratwurst - $10
-French Country - $10
-Chorizo Picante - $10
-Butifarra with Leeks - $10
-Boerwors - $11
-Chicken Apple - $10
-Chicken Thai - $10
-Chorizo de Pamplona - $14
-One Wild Fennel - $14
-Truffle Mania - $14
-Soppresatta - $14
-Sliced Lomo - $10
-Sliced Bresaola - $10

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