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Market Location

Cheverly Community Center
6401 Forest Road
Cheverly, MD


Mailing Address

c/o Cheverly Community Market

6401 Forest Road
Cheverly, MD





Our Mission

The Cheverly Community Market is committed to offering a vibrant market that strengthens the community through providing fresh, nutritious food from local sources, and encouraging unique local businesses and artisans. We create an atmosphere that fosters community, inclusivity, and

educational activities, while encouraging local economy.

Our Values
  • Contribute to the health of local citizens

  • Increase the accessibility of local foods

  • Support the economic strength and sustainability of local farms

  • Promote a community gathering place where everyone has a sense of belonging and connection

Our History

The Cheverly Community Market was founded in 2007. Local resident Crystal Lal and a small group of committed friends and neighbors wanted to have access to good, fresh food in the neighborhood and develop relationships with local growers and producers. Finding locally grown food in Cheverly has been a great challenge. We've grown accustomed to trips to distant farmer's markets and CSAs, but soaring fuel prices and a growing awareness of the importance of being a "locavore" created a desire for a farmer's market within walking distance of most Cheverly homes. That interest in a deeper relationship with and understanding of locally sourced food led the group to form the Cheverly Community Market.


The Market has grown from four vendors in 2007 to about twenty today. The Market is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors representing expertise in agriculture, business, communications, government, education and food.


We Accept Maryland-DC WIC/FMNP + SNAP

We match what you spend from SNAP, WIC-FVC, or FMNP-Senior/WIC federal nutrition benefits.

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