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The Ins and Outs of the Market


To ensure social distancing and to keep pedestrians safe, we have established new procedures for parking and for entering and exiting the market. Procedures will change as we identify areas for improvement. Please be patient and remember that all changes and new rules are put in place to keep us all safe. See the Market Map for the layout of this year's market.


In order to maintain safety for pedestrian traffic and avoid traffic bottlenecks, some parking spots near the community center and at the top of the driveway down to the fields will be blocked. There will be signage and cones notating what is available parking, please pay attention to all signage. If you need closeby parking or if you have a handicap sticker, please consult with the parking attendant.  


Pedestrians are encouraged to use caution while entering the market site and make note of cars coming and leaving at all times.  


The Cheverly United Methodist Church has graciously allowed for us to offer their lot as overflow parking. It is a 6 minute (.3 mi) walk from the market. We will not regulate or monitor parking in the CUMC lot. Please only park in a designated spot and with all proper traffic and safety cautions. 


All shoppers must pass by the market table at the entrance. Reservations are not needed, but we need to keep count of how many shoppers are in the market area.


Once you have completed your shopping please exit through the designated checkout point. This is essential for us to maintain proper flow and to get an accurate count on how much space we have available for waiting shoppers. The exit will be clearly marked and staff with a market volunteer. 

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