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Eleanor Roosevelt High School Clarinet Choir

 The Eleanor Roosevelt High School Clarinet Choir is a fine group of talented young musicians from a local high school.


Eleanor Roosevelt High School Dixieland Jazz Band

The Eleanor Roosevelt High School Dixieland Jazz Band is another fine group of talented young musicians from a local high school.

Good Measure

Good Measure sings an upbeat mix of music that'll have you tapping your feet and singing along.  They cover oldies including pop, country, bluegrass, and swing.

Kelly Fisher and Friends

Kelly Fisher and friends - This cheverly sweetheart plays guitar and sings a mix of rock standards from the Beatles, Dylan, and the Dead.  She might even do a tree pose while you enjoy your pastry.

Leonard Rountree

Leonard Rountree is a Cheverly music teacher who grew up with a passion for the art of music, and eventually earned his degree in Music Composition from Howard University.  He plays in and around the area in various bands and offers piano and guitar lessons as well.

Little Big Boss

Little Big Boss is a group of hometown musicians that play a mix of indie rock and originals.  This trio has a lot of music-love to give.

Michael Severner and Friends

Michael Severner and friends plays a number of stringed instruments including guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, ukulele, and tres cubano.  He also sings and plays harmonica and percussion instruments.  This one-man-band plays rock, bluegrass, blues, and Celtic music and is often joined by friends or family.

Stephanie Mawler

Stephanie Mawler's music creates a landscape of the imagination with an unusual instrument, the 12-string Chapman Stick. 

Washington Revels

An established cultural institution in the greater Washington area for over 30 years, Washington Revels is dedicated to reviving and celebrating cultural traditions — music, dance, storytelling, drama and ritual — that have bound communities together over the ages and across the globe.

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We’re proud to feature local musicians at every Market. Gather at our tables over coffee and pastry as you listen to everything from folk and rock to Dixie land jazz. 


Interested in performing? Email Kelly Fisher at

Good Measure performing at Cheverly Community Market

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