New Market Guidelines


Until future notice we will serve as an essential-only shopping operation. Our main goal is to provide a safe, organized shopping experience. You may note the absence of some of our beloved vendors and community groups. As soon as we can bring everyone back safely, we will do so. Before coming to the market, please review the current shopping protocol. Please note that as county orders change, we will make the necessary adjustments to our plan.

Your community is counting on you to be a responsible shopper. Please review our guidelines, follow the instructions of the volunteers at the market, and display that famous Cheverly community spirit by sharing patience, gratitude, and smiles (we'll see your smile in your eyes!) with vendors and neighbors. Please remember that all changes and new rules are put in place to keep us all safe.

After reviewing the guidelines below, please also review details about Parking & Check-in and Community Group participation.

Before the Market


We highly encourage preorders, because this will make your shopping experience faster and contact-free. Visit our 2020 Vendors page for full information about how to preorder from each vendor.



If you are sick, a member of your family is sick, or you have been in contact with anyone who is sick, STAY HOME. 


Open Table Reservations

To ensure shoppers can follow social distancing protocols, we may have to limit the number of shoppers in the market at any given time. As such, we have partnered with OpenTable so you can reserve a shopping window, just like you would a table at a restaurant! 




Please note – You do not have to make a reservation to attend the market.


At the Market
  • Keep your market visit simple and short; buy what you need and do not linger, socialize, or congregate in the market space.  

  • Household shopping should be limited to one or two people. If possible, leave children and senior family members at home. Children who are ambulatory (walking on their own) must wear a mask - children in strollers or in their parents' arms are OK without.

  • Due to the one way pedestrian traffic flow and timed entry procedures, we cannot allow you to put items in your car partway through your shopping. Please plan ahead, and be prepared to carry everything you need to purchase. 

  • As always, pets are not permitted in the market. 

  • Wear a mask before entering the market space, in accordance with the CDC Guidelines.

  • Please sanitize your hands when you enter the market space. We have sanitizing stations available!

  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other shoppers, especially when in line. Shopping circles and passing lanes will be drawn on the pavement, and market volunteers will remind shoppers to keep their distance. 

  • Pre-order with your favorite vendors when possible, for quick and contact-free pickup at the market. If you cannot pre-order, bring your grocery list so you can make your market visit as quick as possible. Please consult the market map to help plan your trip.

  • If you are sick, a member of your family is sick, or have been in contact with anyone who is sick, STAY HOME. 

  • Do not eat or drink any items purchased in the market space. 

  • No browsing, lingering, or socializing at market tents! You will be allotted 30 minutes to shop. 

  • One-way traffic will keep shoppers from crossing each other’s path and will keep shoppers moving. Please follow all signage indicating how to move through the market. 

  • Vendors will only be allowed to serve one shopper at a time. Please do not 'browse shop'. Only visit a vendor's tent if you intend to purchase from them. 

  • There will be limited waiting spots for each vendor. Please only stand where permitted. If the spots are full continue to other vendors. In the parking lot section of the market, you will be allowed to circle back to ensure you can get to all of the vendors. 

  • We have suspended yoga and music until we can safely reintroduce these beloved aspects of our market.

  • Be please kind and courteous to market staff/volunteers, vendors, and fellow shoppers. 

  • Our vendors will routinely clean and disinfect touched objects and surfaces using standard cleaning practices. Additionally, the board and benefits tables will regularly be disinfected and cleaned. 

  • Please note that the public restrooms will be unavailable. 

  • We will have several hand sanitizing stations throughout the market. Please use it while entering the market, after visiting vendors, and on your way out.

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